CAPS 2022 Graduate Student Trainees

Emily Wills

Emily Wills is a graduate trainee at the University of Richmond CAPS office, working towards the final year of her Counselor Education master’s program at Virginia Commonwealth University where she studies College Counseling and Student Affairs. Prior to beginning her graduate studies at VCU, Emily worked in an inpatient mental health facility and for the national non-profit organization, Active Minds. During her outreach work with Active Minds, Emily developed a passion for working with college students and starting conversations about mental health. Emily completed undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral Neuroscience from Virginia Tech. Clinically, Emily is interested in identity development, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, adjustment, and belonging in college students. Emily’s therapeutic approach is founded on an emphasis on listening, empathetic understanding, and helping students recognize their strengths to achieve wellness. In her free time, Emily enjoys live music, hiking, taking pottery classes, and trying new restaurants in the Richmond area.

Hannah Staats

Hannah Staats is a graduate trainee at the University of Richmond CAPS office, pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University. Hannah offers a nonjudgmental, empowering space for all clients to help foster their growth. She believes in a collaborative approach to help client’s meet their goals and tailors this based on their individual needs. Her area of interests are anxiety, depression, life transitions, and relationships. Hannah grew up in Richmond and lives with her three-legged dog named Lena.

Kwabena Hopkins

Kwabena Hopkins is a graduate trainee at the University of Richmond’s CAPS office, working primarily in the well-being center with Dr. Charlynn Small. He attends Virginia State University and is entering his third year of their Clinical Health Doctoral program. He enjoys working with adolescents and young adults and combines MI with CBT/DBT to provide psychotherapy to individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and/or traumatic experiences. He received his bachelor’s degree from Hampton University with a major in psychology, and currently attends Virginia State University where he is working toward his masters and doctorate in their joint Clinical Health program. Kwabena is interested in working with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and trauma. He uses a combination of Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy. He genuinely enjoys getting to know people and listening to their personal story.