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On the Road Workshops

Intro to Mindfulness (Four 60 minute or One 90 minute workshop)

This workshop will serve as an introduction to mindfulness. It will explain the meaning of mindfulness and offer activities that allow students to practice this beneficial skill. Students will learn how mindfulness is helpful for mental and physical health.


Mini-MAP will introduce all the skills discussed during the full MAP. Build your understanding of anxiety and learn useful skills to cope with anxiety.

Online Self-Help (TAO) (60 minute workshop)

TAO, Therapy Assisted Online, is a free self-help tool that you can access and use on your own time. TAO offers skill-building learning for anxiety, depression, relationship concerns and mindfulness. For this workshop, a CAPS counselor will teach you how to access TAO and how to use it in a way that will be most beneficial for you.

Sex. To Have or Not to Have? That is the question! (60 minute workshop)

This workshop will allow students to explore the topic of sex openly. It will focus on why some students choose to partake in sex, and others choose to abstain.

How to Help a Friend in Distress (One 60 or One 90 minute workshop)

When mental health concerns arise, often times we might not know how to respond in an effective manner to support the person. This workshop will briefly walk you through a few common mental health concerns and how to respond effectively. This workshop is a good pre-cursor to Mental Health First Aid to give you a few pointers on how to help a friend or someone around you who might be struggling!

Managing Anxiety Program (MAP)

MAP is a structured approach to helping students learn to combat anxiety. It is designed to help you gain understanding of anxiety and learn ways of coping to strengthen your ability to manage it, increase your confidence, and improve your success as a student.

The Mindful Path (One 60-minute sessions or Three 90-minute sessions)

The Mindful Path is a 4 session program created to help students who are new to mindfulness (or wanting to strengthen skills) develop and cultivate their own mindfulness practice. Students will experience mindfulness through both formal and informal activities and learn how the practice is beneficial for mental and physical health as well as relationships.

Mental Health First Aid Certification (One 8-hour training or two 4-hour trainings)

Would YOU know how to help someone experiencing a mental health crisis? Similar to becoming First Aid and CPR certified, become certified in Mental Health First Aid by taking a course right here on campus! UR is proud to announce that we have three fully-trained Mental Health First Aid Instructors here on campus! Learn more and/or request a program today by contacting

The Body Project (Four 60-minute sessions or one 6 hour workshop)

The Body Project is a class aimed at helping young women feel better about their bodies through discussions and both formal and informal activities. Specifically we will address how to combat societal pressures on body image.

If interested in any of these programs, please e-mail Dr. Rachel Koch.