Finding a Therapist in the Community

Whether you are back home or would just prefer to see a provider in the community, here are resources for helping you find a therapist and medication provider. You may also meet with a clinician at CAPS to assist with this process, even if you don't plan to continue with services at CAPS.

Thriving Campus

The Thriving Campus platform provides information about community mental health providers, the services they provide, insurances they accept, and their contact information. You can use Thriving Campus on your own or schedule an appointment to get help from the CAPS Case Manager to get assistance with this process. Use these features on Thriving Campus, to search for providers in your current location:

  • Change the location button at the top of the left column to find providers in a specific area.
  • Sort by tele-therapy to find providers who offer this service.
  • Utilize the Help Guide in the upper right for information about insurance and scripts for contacting a new therapist."

Psychiatry (Medication) Appointments

If you are interested in being evaluated by a psychiatric provider, please contact your insurance company to see who is in network in your local community and/or use to search for providers in your area who fit your needs (insurance coverage, cost, symptoms of concern, etc.)

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