Covid-19 has turned the world upside down and completely changed most of our day to day life. It is normal to feel anxious, distressed, uncertain, and scared during these times. If you notice signs of distress in yourself (increased worry, sleep difficulties, feeling hopeless), reach out to family and friends for support, and engage in your usual heathy coping strategies (e.g. moderate exercise; eating well; getting adequate sleep; practicing yoga, meditation, or some other mindfulness activity; take time for yourself; engage in a hobby or other fun activity, etc.). Check out these resources as well for further support and self-help strategies:

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  • Placed in Isolation/Quarantine

    Begin to take some of these steps to adequately attend to your mental health, along with your physical health, during this time:

    • Establish a routine and stay as organized as possible 
      • If you are able to work on academics, structure your day by setting daily goals.  Plan when you will eat, rest and relax, exercise, and sleep! 
    • Make time for downtime and rest 
      • Watch your favorite shows, read for pleasure, relax with the coloring book and puzzle pages available as part of UR Care Package! 
    • If/When feeling stressed or anxious, doing activities to help ground you in the present can be super helpful! 
      • Download mindfulness apps and do a 5-10 minute meditation (Headspace offers a student discount of just $9.99/year!), squeeze your stress ball for a few moments while taking deep breaths, or put your ice pack in the freezer and use it when feeling stressed to cool your body (place it on your chest or on your face) 
    • Try to stay active 
      • Join a virtual fitness class through University Recreation or check out free workout videos on YouTube through URec or other fitness providers (“Happy Walk” videos are a favorite of CAPS providers!) 
    • Stay socially connected with friends and family 
      • Schedule zoom calls, plan virtual game nights, facetime during meals, and make plans with friends and family for after your isolation time to have things to look forward to! 
    • Participate in virtual support meetings 
      • CAPS Zoom Well-Being Seminars, Mindful Mondays, Sacred Pause, etc.
  • Other Self-Help Options
  • University Resources
    • For a comprehensive list of resources regarding general information for students about the Coronavirus or academics and academic resources during this time, please visit the university’s Covid-19 Response Below are a few key resources that may be of help during the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
    • Student Health Center
    • College Deans’ Offices
      • Westhampton College Dean Office – Email or call the main office number during business hours at 804-289-8468
      • Richmond College Deans Office - Call the main office number during business hours at 804-289-8061
    • SpiderTechNet: Provides a high-level overview of recommended steps for successful remote learning. You can reach the IT Help Desk at Help Desk at 804 287-6400
    • Academic Skills Center: The ASC continues to provide remote peer-tutoring sessions and one-on-one appointments in Academic and Life skills (e.g., stress management, time management, critical reading/thinking, etc.).
    • Please visit our Resources page for additional resources

    If your distress continues or gets to the point that you are having difficulty managing your day-to-day activities (unable to keep up with school work, affecting relationships, sleep and/or eating difficulties, hopeless thoughts, etc.), then it may be time to seek professional help. If you have a counselor you see at home or in the community, reach out to them first as it will be most helpful to talk with someone you already know. If not, learn how to get started at CAPS here.