Getting Started at CAPS

CAPS takes a goal-focused and collaborative approach to mental health services. We help students improve their lives by focusing on the change each individual person wants to make, and we then use our expertise to help them achieve it. We strive to provide immediate, meaningful help focused on what your needs are right from the very first meeting, and we have a range of follow up options available for you based on your unique situation.

  • All appointments are virtual at this time. Students attending virtual sessions must be located in the state of Virginia. Students will receive an email confirmation including a zoom link to attend the session. Appointments will remain virtual until the University reaches the green phase.
  •  If you are in need of a private space to speak to a counselor, please see this list of spaces on campus:  Private Spaces.
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  • How to Schedule a Meeting

    Same Day Appointments

    Every student’s first appointment of the academic year is scheduled as a same day appointment, meaning we strive to schedule you with an appointment on the day you reach out to us.  We have multiple same day appointments available every day in order to meet students’ needs.  Same day appointments are scheduled one day at a time and not in advance.  Same day appointments are available on a first come, first-served basis unless it is a mental health emergency (see below for instructions).  Sometimes we do fill all of our same day appointments or a student’s schedule doesn’t fit with our open appointments.  If this occurs, we will ask you to reach out to us again the next day (or whenever you are free next).  

    Here is what to do to begin the process.

    1.    Complete our CAPS Registration Forms: The first choice, Counseling Registration Form ONLY!

    These forms can only be accessed Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm.  You will have up to 30 minutes to complete your forms (takes 15-20 minutes to complete on average). If you do not complete your forms within 30 minutes, your information will not be saved, so please only start your registration when you have time to finish it.  We will not review forms submitted after 4:30pm so if you are in crisis, please call CAPS (804-289-8119) prior to 4:30pm or call URPD (804-289-8911) after 4:30pm.  We will review paperwork after 4:30pm the following business day. 

    To access the forms on campus you must be on the urwin wifi network.  If you are off campus you must download a VPN from the UR Help Desk and be logged into the VPN to access the forms. These measures are in place to protect your private health information. You can download a VPN by clicking here.


    Mental Health Emergencies

    If you are experiencing mental health emergency (frequent suicidal/homicidal thoughts or hearing voices or seeing things that others aren’t hearing or seeing) please call the CAPS office directly at 804-289-8119 M-F from 8:30-4:30. After hour please reach out to your Area Coordinator for support or call URPD immediately at 804-289-8911. Visit our Crisis page for more information.

  • What to Expect at your First Meeting

    Your first visit will be a 25-minute same day appointment that will likely be scheduled on the same day that you contact us. During that meeting, your provider will focus on learning about your mental health goals and meeting your immediate needs, and will then make a recommendation about next steps (another meeting at CAPS, referral to other CAPS seminars or programs, following up as-needed for the next one, helping you connect with treatment specialists in the community, or other offices on campus, etc.).

    Please visit the CAPS Services page learn about the full range of clinical services we offer.
    Students tell us that they usually need between just one meeting and up to a few months of meetings to reach their goals. We have found that students that are able to dedicate more time and energy to working on their mental health outside of the meetings usually have quicker and better results.

    If you are in need of a private space to speak to a counselor, please see this list of spaces on campus:  Private Spaces