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Students are welcome to visit CAPS to meet with one of our counselors for a Brief Consultation appointment. During this initial meeting, the counselor, in collaboration with the student, will recommend services to meet the student's needs. The recommended services may be within CAPS, within the community, or with another service on campus.

We find that most students experience improvement within a few sessions. Individual therapy services are provided on a short-term basis in most cases. In most cases, appointments are scheduled every two weeks (or less frequently).

Appointments can only be made by the students themselves. Concerned others (faculty, staff, family, coaches, etc.) cannot schedule an appointment for a student.

How do I make an appointment?

• Before your first appointment each new academic year, please visit the front desk in the CAPS office at 138 Sarah Brunet Hall in order to register for services.

Bring your Student ID with you!

• Once you complete these materials, you will be given an appointment to meet with a counselor for a Brief Consultation on a mutually convenient date and time. This is the standard first contact appointment for CAPS clients each new academic year.

• If you need help but feel that you can’t wait for the next available appointment, please inform the CAPS receptionist that you are in crisis.

• You will be asked to fill out online registration materials in the CAPS waiting room that will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

What is a brief consultation?

The Brief Consultation is our way of determining the urgency of a student’s needs so that we can assist them in accessing resources. Students will be asked what they need help with and how their concerns are impacting their functioning. This includes things like sleep, energy level, academic performance, appetite, thoughts of self-harm or harm to others, and substance use. Based on that discussion the student will receive a recommendation that could include one or more of the following:

• Coming to CAPS for one of our Skill-Building Programs

• Assistance in connecting to other UR offices (e.g. Academic Skills, Wellness Coaches, Chaplaincy, Deans’ Offices, etc.)

• Referral for a community provider

• Self-help and/or online support resources

• Short-term individual counseling at CAPS

How can I sign up for one of the programs and/or individual counseling?

An important part of mental health is learning to manage your emotional experiences on your own, therefore we would like to jumpstart the change process by providing you with the opportunity to learn and cultivate useful coping skills prior to pursuing further services at CAPS.

• You are strongly encouraged to participate in at least 2 of the following:

• Any of our well-being seminars (offered various times throughout the week)

• Online modules through TAO that you may do on your own at any time 24/7/365

• Or, a combination of well-being seminars and TAO modules.

• These options will be presented to you during the brief consultation.

• If and when the above resources are not sufficient, you may sign up for one of our skill-building programs or short-term individual counseling